Why You Should Not Get Cheap Horse Insurance Quotes

When you are looking for equine insurance, whether for medical expenses, liability or even mortality insurance, it is wise to get horse insurance quotes for the best coverage possible. Attempting to save on horse insurance may end up costing you in the long run, for several reasons. Believe it or not, horse insurance is quite possibly the most important horse equipment you can purchase!

The main function of liability insurance is to protect you in the event that you get sued for something your horse does. Horses are very large animals and can injure people and damage property without even trying. In spite of some very good state laws that are meant to protect equine people from frivolous lawsuits, in American anyone is allowed to sue anyone for anything. Having a good liability insurance policy will mean that your insurance company will represent you in court and will pay if a settlement is reached or if the court rules against you.

Horse mortality insurance pays off if your horse dies, which may protect you from the loss of prize money if you compete in high-level shows. You will have money to help purchase another horse, as well as help with the burial expenses. Besides these two basic functions of mortality insurance, many policies include coverage for colic surgery or even loss-of-use coverage if your horse becomes unusable but doesn’t actually die.

Medical or health insurance for a horse is also very important because when a horse gets ill, the veterinary expenses can be huge — especially if you have to take him to a horse hospital. Having some good insurance to cover that kind of unexpected expense may make the difference between being able to seek the best care and losing your beloved horse.

Try to gather at least three horse insurance quotes before you choose a policy, and make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Don’t go with the minimum coverage amounts; make sure you are protecting your investment in your wonderful equine friend.

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