Welcome 2nd REF Foster Horse

Hi REF Community,

I want start by saying “Thank You” to those individuals who were able to attend the Hope For Horses fundraiser this past Saturday night!! Your support is greatly appreciated!!

I would like to welcome our latest foster addition “Bay Horse”!  I know this is a terrible name but was hoping you all would take a few moments to check him out and see if you think of a name more fitting.  He is a very stout and handsome Westphalian Warmblood gelding with a great deal of personality.  He is a bit mouthy so please watch yourself around him (no hand feeding treats 🙂 as Tanya and I will be working diligently on his manners these next few weeks.  Elyssa Armstrong has already given her name suggestion of …Flynn Ryder from the movie Tangled.  If you like this name or come up with another name please e-mail me or leave it in the comment box outside the barn office by this Friday July 15th!!

I am so proud of how well Maximus has settled in…and want to give a huge “thank you” to Tanya Striebeck as REF and I would not be able to foster Maximus nor “Bay Horse” without her training and support!!