Equine Therapy for Veteran’s Untilizing Brannaman Horsemanship

I have been busy working on developing a Socially Conscious Business (Social Enterprise) where we provide Equine Therapy for Veterans!!  This is a very exciting time for me as I have become quite clear on what I would like to see happen long term for me, my horses as well as our beautiful facility.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to run our exceptional Equestrian Facility with my six horses…Jessie, Scamp and JT (3 formally “unwanted” horses) as well as my 2 foster boys Maximus and Flynn from Hope For Horses. My primary goal for the last few months has been to find a positive and healthy way for my horses to have a “job” where they have purpose with as minimal “wear and tear” as possible on their body and minds.

Buck Brannaman ClinicEquine Therapy programs currently exist across the country but from what I can see…non of them follow the Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt Tom Dorrance Horsemanship with their therapy horses.  There has been some debate on whether horses used in therapy situations are really being treated and thought of in a fare and human way.  Not to say there is “actual abuse” in these types of programs…but there can be a debate on whether the therapy programs are in the “best” interest of the horse.  My goal is to provide an environment that supports the highest and greatest good for both horses and humans!!

The way in which I hope to provide the best support for the horses and indirectly supporting the Veterans; is by utilizing the Brannaman Horsemanship.  It’s my belief my therapy horses will be physically as well as mentally supported through the Ground Work; allowing the horse to feel confident working with the Veterans.

I am excited to see how this path will continue to unfold for me and my horses.  The thought of each horse having a “purpose” well into their years even after they are no longer comfortable carrying a rider, but have a ton of life left…is the best!!

The first few months of 2012 will be spent continuing the Foundation Horsemanship with my horses, building the infrastructure for my Social Enterprise “Horses For Veterans”, building relationships with our local military organizations and gaining the necessary  certifications to begin working with our local Veteran’s and their therapists.

I am looking forward the 2012!!