Upcoming Buck Brannaman Clinic

I am excited to announce I am taking both of my foster horses Flynn and Maximus to the upcoming Buck Brannaman Clinic this weekend!!

I have attended multiple Buck clinics…as my mother Marianne has been riding with him for years.  She had always asked me to participate in the clinics with her but I was focused on doing the A Circuit H/J shows with my jumper Opus-One.  In 2008 Marianne convinced me to participate in one of Buck’s clinic in Ellensburg WA.   I not only enjoyed the clinic with Buck but also found out I was pregnant with my second daughter Madison the very same weekend!  Opus and I had a fabulous time participating in the clinic and I always looked forward to the next time I would have an opportunity to ride in one of Buck’s clinics.

Marianne continued to participate in Buck’s annual October clinic held each year at the Tacoma Unit in Spanaway WA.  In 2009 she took one of our adorable horses Jesse.  I was now a mother of 2 young girls so I remember feeling disappointed at having to miss out on the clinic.  I came to watch for the day and vowed I would be back soon!

I never really thought of who I would eventually take to the clinic…so when I decided to foster Flynn and Maximus it seemed only natural to try and work towards preparing one if not both foster horses for the possibility to participate in the Buck Clinic.  Flynn and Maximus both need the exposure but need it for very different reasons…Flynn being a 2yr old colt in an 11yr old body while Maximus has been through all sorts of training (non very humane) but has difficulty being socially appropriate with other horses after being gelded so late in life.  It did not feel good to have to choose one horse over the other to attend but at the time there was only 1 spot available.

Marianne was planning to attend the Buck clinic as well and had reserved two spots for use to participate together.  She recently discovered she would need to have knee Surgery…which would make it impossible for her to participate in the clinic.  Marianne’s unfortunate knee surgery provided me with the opportunity to take both Flynn and Maximus.  Marianne’s knee surgery went great so she will be attending the clinic as a spectator.

In order for me to commit to taking both Flynn and Maximus I had to be sure they met a few specific requirements such as; the willingness to haul together in a 3-horse stock trailer, demonstrate relatively manageable and respectful behavior towards other horses while working in the arena and ride-ability in small groups.  We have spent the last 40 days working on achieving these set goals knowing horses are always able to surprise you once they arrive at a new facility.

My plan is to leave today…Thursday Oct. 27th in order to have plenty of time to haul the Flynn and Maximus to the Tacoma Unit, unpack the equipment, let the boys settle in to the facility (before the rest of the participants arrive) which will then giving us all day Friday Oct. 28th to check out the arena and work the boys!!

I am extremely excited; yet when I find myself getting nervous about the clinic I continue to remind myself this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to work with Flynn and Maximus in the Buck Clinic!!!

Stay tuned for updates on how the clinic goes and all the great things we will have learned and accomplished!!