Transition From Summer to Fall

Opus One 1.0 Meter Champion at the NW Autumn Finals

It has been an extremely busy end of the Summer as my family and I transition to Fall!

We finished the show season with Opus One capturing the 1.0 Meter Championship with Corey Smith as well as placing 2nd with Elyssa Armstrong in the .90 Child/Adult Classic at the NW Autumn Finals!  Elyssa and Opus have accomplished so much this show season…I am extremely proud of the two of them.  I look forward to seeing their partnership continue to grow this Fall/Winter.





REF Pumpkin Garden

Zach and I have been preparing for the Fall by watching our daughters Skylar and Madison move into the Rainbow and Sunshiner rooms at The Shyne School!   Skylar only has one more year before Kindergarten and Madison is speaking in full sentences and mastering potty training.  We have been seeing the change from Summer to Fall by picking the remaining Apples and Carrots and harvesting our Squash and small Pumpkin Patch in the REF garden.  There are still many Tomato’s to be picked…Skylar and Madison have been up to the challenge!  Many thanks to Leslie Kamptner our dear family friend and REF boarder for planting yet another beautiful garden this year!!  I am always a bit sad to see summer come to an end…but I’m beginning to get excited for the upcoming Holiday Season!