Safety Tips for You and Your Horse

Horses are big animals and at any given moment they could hurt us if they wanted.  Here are Six Key Tips to Help Keep You and Your Horse Safe

  1. When you are working on the ground with your horse try to keep an invisible four foot circle between you and your horse. You will use this space as your personal space. Unless you are inviting him in for a scratch or reward keep him out. You cannot get bit, kicked, or run over if you keep him out of your personal space
  2. When feeding, teach your horse to back up or stay put until you have his feed on the ground or in his food bucket. When giving a treat try to always go to your horse not the other way around. Horses can get down right pushy if they are coming up to you for a treat. Then make them back up or stand and be patient before you offer them the treat.
  3. Don’t stand directly in front of a horse. If he were to spook at something he would run over you. Try standing at a 45 degree angle at the shoulder or hind end.
  4. Try to do ground work before you get on your horse to ride, especially if he hasn’t been ridden for a few days or if the weather is cool and windy. He can be pretty frisky and may just try to buck you off. Get your horses respect before you get on.
  5. Make sure your equipment (saddle, bridle cinch) is in good shape before riding. You wouldn’t want anything to break or come loose while you are out on your horse. Make sure the cinch is tight while riding to prevent it from sliding over.
  6. Use protective boots on your horse when you are competing or any strenuous exercise such as quick turns or sliding stops. This will help prevent injuries to his legs.

It may take a little more of your time to follow these tips but it’s better to be Safe than sorry. Remember to have fun but safety comes first.

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