Much Needed Spring Day At REF!!

Redmond Horse Boarding "Have it your way"Today was literally a breath of fresh air!  I woke up to the sun being out and happy horses grazing in their pastures.  I can’t emphasizes enough how beautiful and peaceful the farm was on this bright Spring day!

I spent the day exercising our REF horses, giving much needed baths and hand walking through our horse friendly neighborhood.  I didn’t realize a simple walk could turn into an expedition: whether it be intercepting the FedEx semi truck, or the adorable mini pony at my neighbor’s house.

I enjoyed talking with friends at the farm, teaching my evening lesson and spending quality time with Zach and our 2 girls in the ever growing garden.

I have to say…Zach and I are really enjoy living and working at Rider’s Edge Farm.  We have been spending a great deal of time redeveloping our REF website as well as learning more about how we can best support our awesome community of horses and owners.

I know the weather forecast does not hold much hope for additional Spring days…but the taste of Spring today was a much needed treat!!