Maximus Update!

Maximus has made tremendous strides these last 2 weeks here at Rider’s Edge Farm!!  Tanya has been diligently working Maximus on his ground manors and ride-ability.  Today was the 2nd time she rode him…and he walk, trot cantered in the round pen while remaining calm and relaxed!  We are extremely pleased with his progress and look forward to moving his training from the smaller confines of the round pen to our large indoor arena.  Tanya has exposed Maximus to the indoor, the mirrors as well as the occasional traffic from other sport-horses doing their work.  He seems to handle the traffic nicely and will soon be ready to ride in the arena as well.

Thank you to the REF community for their continued support with the fostering of Maximus!  We also would like to thank Amanda Kaplan for her generous donation of Adequan as we know Maximus will greatly appreciate it!

Stay tuned for more information regarding Maximus’s progress at Rider’s Edge Farm.  As always we are looking for sponsorship to help off-set the ever growing costs associated with caring for Maximus.  If you or someone you know is looking for an amazing opportunity to sponsor a kind-hearted and athletic foster horse please contact Vanessa Howard via Facebook or through our website at… or