Maximus our beloved “Party Pony”

As many of you know…Maximus is our beloved foster horse from Hope For Horses.   Here is a quick recap… Maximus comes from terrible abuse and was given a “second chance” only provided by the courageous team at Hope For Horses.  Since Riders Edge Farm began fostering Maximus in June of 2011; he has learned how to trust and respect his handlers.  Maximus has begun to let down his guard and in turn lesson his aggression towards humans and other horses.  I was able to take him to the Buck Brannaman Clinic in October; where we both learned the skills needed to start a new chapter together.

Skylar's "Maximus" Birthday Party

Maximus was named after a famous animated horse in the film “Tangled”.   “Maximus” the movie character was so loved in the first film…that a short film was made featuring him during the preview of “Beauty and the Beast 3D”.  The point being his animated character has made a huge impact on little girls all over the country.  Our Maximus has a great deal of character, expressions and overall personality as well.  We are working on how to encourage these exceptional gifts while continuing his lesson of respect.

My daughter Skylar had her 5th Birthday in January and she insisted it would be a “Maximus” party.  She invited all her girlfriends from school and they had the chance to meet Maximus in the flesh.  This was an amazing experience for the girls as well as myself.  I looked at my daughters’ birthday party as an opportunity and eventually a milestone for both myself as well as Maximus.  After an entire bottle of purple shampoo and purple hoof paint; Maximus was “show ready”.  He came into the arena with beauty and grace…no aggression or fear of the large group of excited and (loud) 5 year old girls.  He was so comfortable with the excitement of the girls anxiously awaiting the opportunity to meet, touch and have a photo with him.  The party was a huge success!

As I had mentioned earlier…this was an incredible milestone for both myself as well as Maximus.  We are continuing our work since the party and might be back at it next week for my daughter Madison’s 3rd birthday party.  I could not be prouder of Maximus’s success and look forward to seeing how far he will progress in another 6 months!