Maximus and Flynn Ryder Update

Hi REF Community

1. “Bay Horse” name change…based on popular demand we will be calling him “Flynn”.   His eventual show name would be “Flynn Ryder”!!  I think it’s a great fit!

2. “Flynn” has been doing great these last few days with Tanya…as soon as she feels he has slimmed down enough to wear her Western Saddle they will be out riding!!

3. Maximus and I have had 2 rides and it has gone great!! Many thanks to Tanya for her training as I was prepared for him to be less willing to go forward and harder in the mouth. She has done a fantastic job! We will continue to work on his social skills in the arena as well as around the barn…as he still thinks he needs to be dominate towards the geldings and has a bit too much interest in the mares. 🙂  I am very proud of his great progress.

Again, thank you for your continued support here at REF!!

Have a great weekend!