How Was The Arabian Horse’s Bloodline Preserved?

A preserved treasure

Arabs considered the Arabian Horse as a treasure gift from God to Ishmael, or Ismael as Arabs pronounce his name. So, they did all what they could to preserve the purity of its blood.

Arabs believed that this unique treasure, has all the perfect features and characteristics of a complete horse. No other breed will come near this treasure, they thought, so the purity of their blood must be preserved.

Arabs also believed that cross breeding will mix the high qualities of their treasure horses, with less qualities of other breeds. That is why they were very careful not to cross-breed their horses with non-Arabian ones.

Only Arabian Horses are Horses, says the Arabs

Taking the above into consideration, Arabs distinguished between their horses and other non-Arabian ones. They called their horses ‘Horse’, and gave other names to other breeds.

For a completely non-Arabian horse, they gave him the name of “Berthoun”. For a horse that of an Arabian father and non-Arabian mother, they gave him the name of “Hajeen”. For a horse that of an Arabian mother and non-Arabian father, they called him a “Mokref”.

So, a non-pure, from an Arab’s point of view is not called a Horse. It is either a Berthoun, a Hajeen or a Mokref.

The Arabian Horse was preserved socially by giving special names to non-pure or non-Arabian ones to distinguish them from the pure Arabian horse.

Cross-breeding, a shameful act in Arab’s culture

Since Arabs regarded their horses as a gift treasure from God to their father Ismael, it was regarded as a shame to cross breed them with other breeds. So, the Arabs preserved the purity of the Arabian Horse blood, and guarded and protected it socially.

Arabs had very strict rules for their mares, and never allowed untrusted stallions to cover their mares. Only high quality pure stallions were allowed for breeding.

Arabs preserved this culture for hundreds of years. Today, not only Arabs preserve the purity of the Arabian Horse’s blood, but all its lovers do the same all over the world.

No other bloodline or breed had nearly the same preservation of blood purity that the Arabian Horses had.

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