Exciting News from Rider’s Edge Farm

Hello! We have some exciting news to share with you. Effective March 1st Vanessa Howard will become the new “CEO” of Rider’s Edge Farm. Vanessa and I are thrilled to be making this change as we all prepare for a prosperous 2011 and beyond. Our vision for Rider’s Edge Farm is long term and will remain so, focused on delivering a wonderful experience for all of you and your horses. Vanessa will help all of us achieve this goal. With any change come lots of questions and concerns. Please know that Vanessa and I will ensure a seamless transition for everyone.

Vanessa and I have always had a strategic goal to create an environment where horsemanship and learning can be pursued by riders at all levels of ability and desire. Rider’s Edge Farm provides that environment. Of course, all of you are what makes this riding community come alive. We are honored by your presence and we will continue to build our programs based on your feedback and insights.

I’m delighted that Vanessa can now return to the horse business and devote her skills and talents to running our operations. As you know, our granddaughters are turning four and two, which is a magical point in time wherein a mom can resume work and pursuit of her professional goals. For me, this is a dream come true. I love what we do here and now I get to enjoy it as a rider and grandmother, knowing that Vanessa will continue the vision and take Rider’s Edge Farm to another level.

Vanessa will be meeting with all of you to ensure a smooth transition. Her approach to the business will be consistent with the values you have come to expect. I look forward to the continuation of our fun filled and supportive learning environment which is a hallmark of Rider’s Edge Farm.

While many questions will arise and be answered later, there is one question I want to address right up front. “Marianne is not going away. On the contrary, I will be actively enjoying our community as a teacher, participant, and spending time riding and helping Skylar and Madison learn our wonderful sport.”

In the words of the late, great Ray Hunt: “It’s not so much what we do, it’s how we do what we do”.   And so it is with Rider’s Edge Farm. Please join me in welcoming Vanessa to her new and much deserved role.

Ride on my friends,