Rider’s Edge Farm is one of the only places where I feel confident that my horse is being cared for as well as (if not better than) she would were she kept at home. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, and their vigilance in making sure each horse is healthy and safe makes me confident that I don’t have to worry about my horse when I’m not around. The facilities are wonderful (footing in the arena is vet approved), and it’s always very tidy and well-maintained.  Having Farrel McWhirter Park just down the driveway is a major bonus. The social atmosphere is engaging and harmonious, and it’s wonderful to have different disciplines merge together. My mare and I have been with Rider’s Edge for a year and a half, and I wouldn’t want to board anywhere else!

Dawn Anderson

The farm is well-managed and I truly appreciate your efforts as well as the team behind you for all the hard work that goes into running it. As you know, my husband, John, visited for the first time the other day and he really enjoyed his visit. Thanks for all you are doing and continue to do on our behalf.

Roxanne Robinson

I can honestly say that my horse has been happier here than any other place he has been. I notice this in his demeanor which is saying a lot since he tends to be suspicious of everything. He is happy with equine friends next to him and enjoys his pasture. I appreciate your attention to things that need to be done, such as repairing the arena footing and the stall bedding. The stable is a friendly place for the human half of the equation too, and I enjoy meeting with my friends here.

Bonnie Witek

Riders Edge Farm is the only place I will consider keeping my show horse. My horse is given excellent care and is very happy there. The owners are constantly trying to improve the place, with improved drainage, fresh gravel in paddocks, upgraded footing, mirrors, and they listen to the boarders requests. I enjoy jumping and flat lessons from Marianne Howard and Vanessa Anderson several times a week. They are extremely well qualified and they break things down in ways I can understand. Right across the street is an equestrian park that I ride in several times a week.

Leslie Kamptner