Beautiful Friday!!

Yesterday was a busy Friday!  I began my day with the sun out and the ground beginning to dry!!  It’s amazing how the sun has become a direct link to how the day can go.  I was up bright and early ready to work with my first horse of the day.  He too was excited about the beautiful day…so he was a bit fresher than planned but who could blame him?  I certainly didn’t.  He eventually settled down into our typical morning routine and finished excellent!

Then I was off on my first of I imagine many visits to “Hope For Horses” an amazing non-profit equine welfare organization founded in 2001.  I had the honor of meeting the staff, owners as well as the dedicated volunteers at the barn…but most importantly the animals.  There was a large pig snuggled up in a horse cooler taking her morning nap, 2 mini donkey’s who just arrived from the Nordstrom’s Sale, Abby (grey Hinnie), Brody (black mini horse), Josie (Chestnut mare), Sugar (Appaloosa mare) , Cantour and Zigi (2 large Sport-horse type  Warmblood geldings).  All the horses were extremely well cared for, in good weight, willing to be social with me as well as their fellow farm-mates and enjoying the much needed sunny day! I really enjoyed my visit and look forward to many more in the next few weeks.

Then it was off to take my beloved Golden Retriever Rocco to the vet…as he has degenerative arthritis in his low back…which requires me to learn how to give an inter-muscular shot! I have done it with my horses…but never to my dog. Luckily Rocco was the perfect patient, so I should be able to give the future shots at home.

I headed back to REF where I was able to work one more horse and give Opus and Elyssa their lesson. They were both super through the gymnastic…which always makes for a great day!

Zach and the girls picked me up at the barn and we were off to catch the ferry to Treasure Island. We are enjoying a beautiful Saturday on the beach digging for clams, fishing off the dock and eventually taking a ride in my brother’s new boat!

I am off to join the party and hope everyone is having an outstanding weekend!